Wintriss Technical Schools

Changing kids' lives with Java Computer Programming

Wintriss Technical Schools

Wintriss Technical Schools (WTS) is unique in its mission of teaching computer programming skills to grade and middle school children. Read more about us here.

For Students (Grades 5-12)

Our Programming Workshops are a great way to get started. Each workshop runs for five or six 2-hour sessions. Find out more about what you can learn and when workshops are being offered on our workshops page.

We also offer individual mentoring to give you more personalized instruction in computer programming. In our mentoring program, you will have the guidance of a professional Java programmer as you design and create custom computer games. There is currently a wait list for our mentoring program. Contact us for more information.

For Java Programmers

If you’re a professional Java programmer, volunteering for Wintriss Tech offers a unique opportunity to share your love of programming and computer science while making a positive difference in kids’ lives. Contact us for details about how you can get involved.


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